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Brave Radar - Lion Head [12"]

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Montreal, QC

"Brave Radar's first vinyl release, Lion Head, is a characteristically sibylline distillation of the sound they have been crafting since forming in 2007. Recorded at The Bottle Garden, Freelove Fenner's all-analog home studio, the new album belies its minimalist approach, weaving a multi-referential tapestry that is centred by a glacial Broadcast-esque restraint, even as it draws in the influence of 60s psychedelia, the film scores of composer Ennio Morricone, and the artier ends of early 80s new wave. In contrast to Brave Radar's earlier releases that were written and multitracked at home, Lion Headhighlights contributions from the band's live members Gabriel Ng and Andrew Forsythe, and several of the album's songs were recorded live off the floor as a band."

From Weird Canada and the littered desk of Laura Donohue:

The elevator’s interior is so reflective it is hard to tell when the door has opened. Stepping inside, a million different versions of yourself extend radiallyfrom each corner. Tilting sideways to glimpse your other selves, one figure splits from the lattice. The rogue steps forward and presses an arm through the fluid pane. Your fingers almost touch. The elevator chimes the arrival of the 6th floor, ending the fever dream. Where do you go from here?