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Bodies That Matter - Glorify! Glorify! Glorify! [Cassette]

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Toronto, ON

"Glorify! Glorify! Glorify!” is the first album by Bodies That Matter, the new project by former Ostrich Tuning member Ian McPhedran. Release on cassette (limited edition of 100 silver tapes), the seven song EP features a continued exploration of trivial guitar tunings and minimalistic drums filtered through 8 bit delay samplers and other equipment either built or significantly modified by McPhedran. The project also draws on an unlikely ally—the 60hz main/hum universally despised by musicians, engineers (et al.) in a wholesale rejection of the common-sense notion that such spirits must be contained, if not vanquished. In a nod to the “return of the repressed”, filtering capacitors and other hum reducers are removed from the equipment and smashed, creating a truly democratic environment that embraces the entire spectrum of audible sound. Dedicated to the naïve lovers of ghost stories and dreams within dreams, to the sceptics of techno-utopianism, and to the champions of psychic liberation everywhere.