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Blonde Elvis - On Vanity [CD]

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Toronto, ON
The debut EP from Toronto's Blonde Elvis shimmers in sequins made of the glitter that fell of glam-rock, brit-pop and baroque psych. A politically literate bubblegum party with an open bar.

From Weird Canada and the ruby slipper of Katie Jensen:

A somber gigue leads a funeral procession through a damp cavern. Sconces of flickering candlelight bounce off slick, cratered rock. Venerable Britpop relics give a knowing wink from their influential promontories.

The procession nudges aside a heavy velvet curtain to reveal a psychedelic dance cave resplendent with glittering heavenly bodies. A troupe of well-dressed cavernicoles devour each other hungrily, wiping their mouths on shredded pop anthems.

A flautist gleefully unfurls a playful tattoo as a harpsichord circles the room giving vigorous handshakes. Crushing drumbeats anchor frayed synth vibratos and unholy harmonies. The wet air hums with hedonistic friction, ready to collapse and expand all at once.