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Babysitter - Eye [12"]

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Montreal, QC
For their debut full-length, Eye, Montreal’s BABYSITTER have compiled a forceful and catchy collection of raucous rock and roll. While they might be a difficult band to google, Babysitter have already made a name for themselves through extensive touring and a torrent of cassettes and singles on underground labels across Canada. These releases are remarkable for how the band has used them to tighten their grip on a punkish grunge-and-roll that recalls The Wipers, Archers of Loaf, Pavement, Nirvana, and Neil Young. Now, with Eye, the band’s adrenalized rock and roll has evolved into a mature statement on the revolutionary zeal that inspires all great music.

From Weird Canada and the Canrock monarchy of James Lindsay:

For years, Babysitter’s drop-out-fuzz lent itself perfectly to the less-than-perfect hiss of the cassette tape, so it took a great label like Psychic Handshake to have the keen ear to massage their sound onto long play vinyl without losing what was always so enduring. It still sounds like DRI jamming on Crazy Horse, but the music has taken on a more epic quality, something, that in the best sense of the denim/flannel stereotype, sounds Canadian as fuck while also evoking Grunge’s greatest ideals. “Never gonna die! Never gonna die!” screams “Talking ‘Bout The New Generation”, an anthem for thene’er-do-wellkids with hair in their faces and holes in their jeans, spilling Blue all over the basement floor as they slamdance to keep warm during long winters. With dedicated touring, prolific releases, and a new association with one of the country’s best indies, Eye is set to position Babysitter as modern Canrock kings